Barbecue Chicken Salad

Preparation Time: Approximately 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: Approximately 12 Minutes
Ready in: 35 Minutes.

Servings: – 8

Ingredients Used:-

  • Boneless and skinless chicken breast halves – 2.
  • Rinsed and torn red leaf lettuce – 1 head.
  • Rinsed and torn green leaf lettuce – 1 head.
  • Freshly chopped tomato – 1.
  • Chopped cilantro – 1 bunch.
  • Drained whole kernel corn – 1 can of 15 ounces.
  • French fried onions – 1 can of 2.8 ounces.
  • Ranch dressing – ½ a cup.
  • Barbeque sauce – ½ a cup.


  • Prepare the grill for a high temperature.
  • Oil the grill gate lightly. Place the chicken onto the grill and cook at least for 6-8 minutes on each side or till all the juices run clear. Remove the chicken from the heat. Allow to cool and then slice it.
  • Take a large sized bowl. In this, mix the green leaf lettuce, the red leaf lettuce, tomato, black beans, corn and cilantro. Top this mixture with French fried onions and grilled chicken slices.
  • Take a smaller sized bowl. In this, mix the barbeque sauce and the Ranch dressing. Serve this on the sides as a dipping sauce or you can also toss it well with the salad to coat.
  • Enjoy!
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